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"Speed reading & faster learning for Kids"

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Subjekt: You’ll thank me for that!

Imagine if you just have to change your reading technique and you’ll get better grades!

Sounds good?

It is!

Speed reading is suitable for all classes.

The methods presented will help you to grasp texts quickly and to understand complex topics more quickly.

Your advantage: You not only read faster, you also learn more in a short time.

Because reading quickly is not enough. You also have to understand the content. I’ll show you how to combine both!

But that’s not all.

I also offer a bonus here!

You will also get an explanation of how you can optimize your reading and learning environment!

Great, is not it?

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Subject: [Attention!] Only for a short time…

How would you feel if you were constantly getting good grades?

That would feel good…

Would you be very proud?

Would you be happy and content?

Would you also be more relaxed?

So much in advance:

As soon as you realize how you can read faster with the right technique and learn even more, you will constantly experience new feelings of happiness.

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„Speedreading & faster learning for kids”


Have fun with it!


P.S. Attention! I’ll be honest: I don’t know how long the cheap offer will last…


Subject: Studying for hours and still getting bad grades…

Hours of study and still bad grades. School in the morning, hanging over the books in the afternoon…

Frustrating and yet everyday life for many students.

This must come to an end now! Time is precious and should be filled with fun instead of hours of learning!

The book „Speed Reading & faster learning for kids“ quickly puts an end to the frustration of learning and reading.

Read (at least) twice as fast with the right method – and learn.

Did you know that people who read a lot of non-fiction books in their lives have a much better chance of earning a higher income later on?

This may not seem important to you right now, but if you learn speed reading now, you will benefit from it for the rest of your life!

I’ll show you different methods of how to practice reading quickly and at the same time understand what you’ve read. You will learn methods with which you can quickly and completely grasp even thick tomes (non-fiction, specialist or literature books from the classroom) and at the end reproduce the content.

Remember: (at least) doubling your reading speed is not enough. You must also understand what you are reading. I’ll show you how to combine reading and learning quickly!

Your advantages of “Speed Reading and learning faster”:

  • More free time because you can grasp and understand texts much faster.
  • Better grades by understanding and learning complex relationships.
  • Your expression (verbal and written) improves by reading many (different) books.
  • You will benefit from these techniques throughout your life. Whether at school, university, training or work: you will always have to read and learn new things – the faster, the better.


Get to know techniques with which you can increase your attention and read and learn even faster: The right timing is everything!

Do you want better grades? Do your homework faster? Learn more in less time?

Then „Speed reading and faster learning“ from Heiko Boos is your game changer!

Then get the e-book now:

“Speed reading & faster learning for kids”


Good luck!